Our technician's will use an advanced moisture detection tool to monitor the water damaged in your property.

"State of the art" high velocity drying equipment, including wall cavity injection units and commercial drying fans, also powerful de-humidification and moisture detection equipment to determine saturation levels within a structure.

We will clean your home from all debris and make sure there are no health hazards on property.

The water must be removed from wood floor or it will continue to damage the building's structure and contents.

It will penetrate through ceilings/floor coverings into sub-floors, even causing water damage in the rooms below.

When our experienced technicians have determined how saturated the structure is, they will decide to dry these items with drying professional equipment made exclusive for this tasks.

Our qualified technicians will promptly address the problem and take care of the damage. Returning your location to a clean and safe environment. 

We extract the water from the floor coverings which could include a combination of carpeting, wood flooring, tile and vinyl.

Drying system to service under kitchen cabinets with minimum intrusion.                   


If it's Wet, We Can Dry It - FAST!!!

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